Installment Loans

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An installment loan is a fairly simple type of loan. A personal unsecured installment loan simply means that you pay a set amount a certain number of times until the debt reaches zero, without the need to use any property as collateral. A fixed-rate installment loan means that you know exactly how much you’ll need to pay and when the loan will be gone.

Have you ever looked at your bill statements and wondered how will you pay off these balances? Or wished that you had a better idea of what you owe each month? When it comes to money, we all want to know what to expect. This is one reason why emergency installment loans from Balance Credit can help with the unexpected costs.  With predictable payments and a set end date, you can plan your finances more accordingly.

What’s the Difference Between Installment Loans and Revolving Credit?

As we stated, an installment loan gives you a lump sum of money, has a set repayment schedule and will stay the same over time.  However, revolving credit lets you put expenses on a line of credit. With this type of loan you have a certain limit of money that you can draw from, make your payments based on the amount of money you have borrowed and once you pay that off, you can draw it out again. Either type of loan can be helpful depending on your situation.    

Easy Online Installment Loans

If you’ve decided to take charge of your financial goals, installment loans may make it easier to prioritize your expenses and make your month run much more smoothly. 

Installment loans online can help you:

  • Get caught up on accumulating debt
  • Pay for unexpected bills
  • Finance a large purchase, knowing that it will be paid off by a certain date
  • Take control of any emergency expense that has occurred

Unsecured installment loans for poor credit may also help improve your credit by paying existing bills on time, and keeping up to date on your debt.

Trust Balance Credit for Installment Loans Online

Once you’re ready to find a personal unsecured installment loan, it’s crucial to work with a company that will support your needs. At Balance Credit, our customers know exactly what to expect from a loan and how to pay it. Our customers return to us for their financial needs because we:

  • Make the application process simple
  • Reply with approval information in real time
  • Offer terms that are easy to understand
  • Give them the opportunity to get lower interest rates on their next loanβ

“This is the easiest, quickest, simplest transaction I've ever experienced! Keep up the great work!” said Demetrio Z about Balance Credit. Another one of our customers, James DR said, “This was a very smooth and easy transaction. Everything is just like they said it would be. No problems!”  

Ready to let us help you? Check out our application process. In just minutes, you could have loan approval and money as soon as tomorrow.

β Compared to a previous interest rate(s). A lower interest rate is not guaranteed.